Social and Marketing Assets

With each new product release and promotion, EXG post assets acorss their social platforms to engage their customers and fans. I have collected an archive of different assets I’ve made across my time at EXG which can be found on many different platforms and online stores.


As a new Cable Guy is released, EXG require a post showcasing the new device holder.

I created these in Photoshop using a mix of copyright-free imagery and official licensed assets supplied by the appropriate licensors.

Case Study - Use of Ai 

With the introduction of Ai to the design industry, I thought I’d entertain the notions of using Ai generated imagery rather than the usual copyright-free sources. The piece shown of the Luffy Cable Guy is the post used across our different social platforms.


From our EXG Amazon store, to customer portals, assets are used to promote the product with uniquely-made backgrounds and relevant call-outs. Similar to the IG and X posts, these images showcase the product in an advertising light.


EXG doesn’t just post about their products. Sometimes there are announcements from the brand that needs communicating to their audience. This takes the focus away from the product and is more relevant to the company’s messaging.

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